Need to replace the toner In The Fuji Xerox CM405df? Follow these steps below: 

Step One: Pull the front cover down towards you, once opened you will see all four toner cartridges.
Step Two: On the toner cartridge that you’d like to change, squeeze the two levers together and the cartridge will come out.
Step Three: Get your new toner and put it in the same spot. Make sure that it clicks into place. 
Step Four: Close the front door and you’re ready to use the device again!

how to install toners on a Fuji Xerox CM405df

Transcript of Video

“I’m Jeff from Laserscan, and I’m going to show you how to install toners on a Fuji Xerox CM405df. First of all using both hands, pull the front cover down towards you. Then you’ll see the four toners. We’re going to do the black one at the bottom. You do the black toner by using the handle and you’ll see a gre y lever underneath. Push them together, and pull the toner out toward you. Once the toner’s out, put a new toner in, slide it in nice and straight. When it clicks, shut the door and the job done”

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