Need to remove a document feeder paper jam from the Lexmark XC 9235 & 9255? Follow these steps below: 

Step One: Open the top section with the lever.
Step Two: If there is paper there, make sure you pull it out in the direction of the document feeder to avoid the paper ripping.
Step Three: Close the section and open up the document feeder.
Step Four: Open the section on the door of the document feeder.
Step Five: If there is paper here, pull it slowly towards you to avoid ripping.
Step Six: Close this section.
Step Seven: Close the document feeder and your device is ready to go!
Step Eight: If you’re experiencing any issues, feel free to give us a call on 03 9727 4117.

Transcript of Video

“Hi guys, in this video I’ll show you how to remove paper jams from the document feeder. First of all you need to open this section here, just pull the lever towards you, and open it up like that. When you get the paper, don’t pull it towards the front of the machine, pull in the paper feed direction which is this way. Close the lid, open the document feeder as far as it goes, and as you can see there’s paper here. Open this lever here, and you’re going to pull it out in this direction. Don’t pull downwards or upwards, you’ll rip the paper. Close the section until it clicks and then close the document feeder. Thanks for watching!”

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