Need to remove a paper jam from the Ricoh MPC 2003/2503/3003/3503? Follow these steps below: 

Step One: Go to the right hand side of the device and open the main door with the handle.
Step Two: Check the top area by opening it with the tab and look for any jammed paper.
Step Three: Open the middle section and look for any jammed paper.
Step Four: Check the bottom section between the device and the door and look for any jammed paper.
Step Five: Check the inside of the door and look for any jammed paper – once all the above has been checked, close the door.
Step Six: Open the door on the bottom of the right hand side of the device with the handle and check for any jammed paper.
Step Seven: Finally check the trays and ensure that there is no gap between the edge of the tray and the paper.
Step Eight: Start using your device!

Transcript of Video

“Hi guys, in this video we’re going to show you how to remove paper jams from the copier itself. Before you do anything do not open the trays, if you open the trays you’re probably going to tear the paper. So what you want to do is come to the right hand side, open the right hand side door with this lever here. First area you’re going to check this here, open this little tab and look for paper,  open this here and again look for paper and down here and as you can see,  it’s a piece of paper. So pull the paper towards you, in the paper feed direction all the way out. Then have a look under here and again pull the paper towards you all the way out. Once you’re finished, close the door in the middle. Also there’s a spot down here, again use the lever to open the door,  and as you can see it’s paper jammed in there. Just pull them towards you and then close the door once you’ve done. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to want to check the trays. For this example we are going to use tray two. As you can see in this example,  there’s a gap between the edge of the tray and the paper, that means it won’t grip and it will jam. So make sure that the paper is all the way up to the end, and then move the guide so it’s nice and snug. Once you’ve done that, close it tight, and then start copying and printing. Again, thanks for watching.”

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