Need to remove a paper jam from the Lexmark XC 9235 & 9255? Follow these steps below: 

Step One: Come to the right hand side of the machine and open up the main door.
Step Two: Check the top section by pulling the lever. If there is paper in there, make sure that you slowly pull it towards you so that it doesn’t tear.
Step Three: Check the bottom section. Again if there is paper in there, pull it towards you.
Step Four: Come to the inside of the door and check the top section by pulling the lever. Pull any paper jammed towards you.
Step Five: Check the bottom part of the door. And open it up if there’s paper jammed in there.
Step Six: Close the door and open the bottom section of the right hand side of the machine with the lever.
Step Seven: Check this section for any jammed paper.
Step Eight: Lastly look at the trays located at the front of the device and ensure that the papers and guide are positioned neatly and next to the edge.
Step Nine: Start using your device! If it continues to jam, feel free to give us a call on 03 9727 4117.

Transcript of Video

“Hi guys, in this video I’ll show you how to remove paper jams from the copier. You need to come to the right hand side first and don’t open any trays. So open the leaver here and as you can see let’s break it down here and here. So the first area to check is here which opens up, the second area is here, turn the dials to see if any paper comes out. Or in this case, we have to open this up. Pull your paper straight up so it doesn’t tear. Close that area. In here you’ll see a little latch that opens up, then pull the paper straight towards you so you don’t tear it. Close the right hand side door, then underneath here there’s another little door, check in there there’s any paper, and again pull it out in this direction, then close the door. Then you check your trays. In this example we are using tray one. Open up the tray and make sure the paper is sitting nice and neat. Just double-check that the guides are not too far back, there should be no gap here. So push the paper right up against there then move the guide to position.Once you’ve done all of that give it a test see how ya go, if it continues to jam give us a call. Thanks for watching!”

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