Need to change the toner in the Ricoh MPC 2003/2503/3003/3503? Follow these steps below: 

Step One: Open the doors with the handles on the left and right.
Step Two: Pull the toner you would like to change towards you and all the way out.
Step Three: Get your new toner and put it all the way back in.
Step Four: Then close the door and start using your device again.

Transcript of Video

“Hi guys, in this video we’re going to show you how to change the toners. First of all what you need to do is open the front door, there’s a handle on the left and right, just pull it towards you. So you’ve got four toners so you need to change whichever one, i’ll show you how to change the black, it’s the same as all the colors. You pull the black out towards you all the way out, and get your new one, slot it in and push it all the way to the end. Once you’re finished just close the door. We supply you with two types of toners, one has a red cap on the end. What you need to do is just peel the cap off, throw the cap in the bin,  and then you put your toner in. The second type has a screw cap. What you need to do is unscrew it and put it on the old one for us to collect later, thanks for watching.”

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