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Scanners for Sale and Rent in Melbourne

Whether you are running a large organisation or working in a home office, a scanner is an essential item that relieves the burden of piling paper forms and simplifies document sharing. Our range of document scanners provide the perfect solution for organisations that need to quickly convert paper documents into searchable PDF files to be shared, organised and protected. They also provide high-quality full-colour performance and will only serve to increase your productivity.

Wide Range of Scanner Types & Capabilities

We offer a range of scanners from highly trusted brands including Fuji Xerox & Ricoh. Whether you are a large organisation that needs fast scanning, or a home office that needs a scanner that will fit comfortably on any desk, we have the device for you. Our range can scan documents up to A3 in size, in full colour and at speeds of up to 88 pages per minute. Our range of scanners also come in multiple sizes and silhouettes that will suit any office or home environment.

Selecting the Right Scanner for You

With so many options to choose from, we understand it could be hard to pick the right scanner for you.

When buying a scanner, you should consider the scanner speed, the size of the scanner to fit your allocated space, if you need a multifunction device, the cost of maintenance and repair and more.

Our team at Laserscan is committed to helping you select the perfect printer to meet your needs, requirements and budget. Give us a call at (03) 9727 4117 for expert advice today.

If you just need a scanner for a short period, you could consider renting a scanner with us instead.

**Advertised prices and availability on this website are subject to change without notice.